Our Team

Jörg Manthey
Managing Director
  • Diplom Ing. Aerospace
  • 30 Years of German Aerospace Industry experience
  • COO for German company with 500 Employees
  • Chairman: Picture20
  • President:Picture18
  • Board Member:Picture21
Bratin Saha
Senior Vice President
  • Master in Technology – Aircraft Production Engineering (IIT – Madras)
  • 17 years of Aerospace and varied experience in India
  • 10 years of Aerospace experience in Germany
  • Led a team of 200 Engineers in Germany for an Aerospace Major
  • Carried out Engineering Services sales accross domains in EU
Amit Garg
Vice President
  • MBA (Global Business USA) Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
  • 11 years of Industry Experience in Germany
  • Contacts with companies in India
  • Positions held:Deputy Director – ELAN AUSY GmbH (Offshoring)
  • Project Manager / Manager Sales
Yvonne Metzger
Business Development Manager
  • Master of Arts (MA) from University of Münster
  • 10 years international experience in marketing and sales
  • 4 years international experience in the Netherlands
  • Established and led the Medical Department of Marketing & Sales for an Laser fiber market leader
  • CEO of markets and more
  • General Manager BVMW India
  • Representative BVMW Hamburg Metropolitan Region
Harsha Birur
  • B.E. – Mechanical Engineering (VTU – Karnataka, India)
  • MBA – Marketing (IGNOU – New Delhi)
  • 11 years of Industry Experience in Germany and 14 years of overall experience
  • Team Leader from BAeHAL to HAL – ARDC for LCA PV5 Cockpit Design Project
  • Accounts Manager – EniT GmbH, München
  • Managed team of 15 Engineers @ Hamburg Germany for Various 1 tier customers z.B Bertrandt, LnT, GECI Bremen, Labinal GmbH
Marco Rettich
Sales Director IT & Software Services
  • Bachelor (BSc) Werkstofftechnik – Polymere Werkstoffe
  • 14 Years of German Industry experience
  • Head of Consulting, ELAN-AUSY GmbH
  • Senior Manager, ELAN GmbH/Lühmann Ingenieur AG
  • Specialized in IT Consultancy Network, Hardware and Security Systems.
Anujit Khutia
Technical Director IT & Software Services
  • Masters in Technology – Applied Mechanics (Jadavpur University – Kolkata)
  • 11 years of Industry Experience
  • Positions held: Tech Lead for A350 Electrical Installation Stress Team
  • Managed Team of 18 Engineers in Airbus
  • Received Best Innovation award for developing a process tool. The tool saved 290, 000 EUR for the project