Interiors & Exteriors

AMM capability in Interiors and Exteriors include Concept Design, Engineering Design, 3D Modelling, Assembly, Detail Design, Reverse and Re-engineering.

AMM thrives at providing extensive experience and skill sets in Product Design and Development with vast industry knowledge as well as domain specialists in Plastics, Sheet metal and Tooling etc.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Concept creation for Rear Fender Cover and Hood Systems
  • Bumper Systems and Body Sealing concepts and development
  • Design and Design Modifications of IP, Console, Door Trims, Interior Trims, Body Trims and Body Side Moldings etc.
  • Dog House, Clip Tower, Ribs, Snap Feature Design/Modeling for various interior components
  • Map Pocket Development, B-Side for Glove Box , Bezel and Cup Holders Development.