IT and Software Services

What We Can Offer

Software Development
We offer a full spectrum of software development services to our customer. Our specialists have the know-how to develop and deliver successful solutions to our customer…Read More
Embedded Software
In today’s world, prevalence of portable programmable computers and connected devices requires smarter hardware and smarter software…Read More
Software Testing
The success of a brilliant product idea or a software is ensured by a successful Testing and QA analysis. Be it an embedded software, web application…Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP powers today’s enterprise. ERP Systems run the different business functionalities inside an organization , both internal…Read More
IT Infrastructure
With rising cost pressure, it becomes one of the top priority for enterprises to optimize the IT infrastructure. That means, less downtime, lesser procurement…Read More
Project Management & Consulting
The need for professional project management is increasing due to the increasing complexity of the requirements and the changing economic landscape…Read More
Cloud, Big Data & Industry 4.0
Last two decades has seen major revolutions in Storage systems for Computational devices. From primitive floppy disks, to CD and DVD Drives, Memory Cards…Read More

Our Development Methods

Our developers follow two most common and effective development methodologies: waterfall and agile. In Waterfall method, you decide all requirements for the project or product and we deliver you exactly the same product or service that you conceived. On thee other hand with agile the development process is flexible to add/change requirements and assess the already implemented functionality on the go.

Agile Method

Waterfall Method