Last two decades has seen major revolutions in Storage systems for Computational devices. From primitive floppy disks, to CD and DVD Drives, Memory Cards to large storage drives. But the real transition happened in the last decade with the advent of Cloud technology. Shared data storage, processing, resource utilization and utilization on demand has changed the definition of Enterprise Infrastructure. Today’s enterprise can reduce the infrastructure costs by:

  • Availing the On Demand cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS)
  • Can deploy their products and services in cloud platforms (Platform as a Service or PaaS)
  • Can utilize cloud applications and software (Software as a Service or SaaS)

With billions of devices connected to the internet, and proportional amount of data generated every instant, cloud is probably the only way to handle it.

What AMM offers:

Cloud enabled Services
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Database Services
  • Analytics Services
Application Design & Development Services
  • Service-Oriented architecture
  • Design for Performance
Application Management
  • Support and Scaling
  • Security and Maintenance
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